About Us

Our Mission

To work with the community to identify and provide culturally competent mental health services for children, adults and seniors.


Our Founder Michael

Michael built his successful career in the mental health industry over twenty years ago as a drug and alcohol counselor. He went on to Ameri Choice Behavioral Health and Magellan Health services as a clinical service manager. Then quickly moved up to become Director of Admissions at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. Later, he established Temp Solutions, Inc., a successful healthcare staffing agency in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and was co-founder of Omni Staffing.


About OMNI

Michael Thevar is the founder and CEO of OMNI Health Services, Inc. which is a private, for-profit behavioral healthcare corporation, headquartered in Colmar, Pennsylvania. His commitment for the improvement of mental health is best exemplified by the opening of his tenth mental health clinic in the United States and is co-founder of Omni Health Services Private limited, in Mumbai, India.


Core Values

“Respect. Diversity. Compassion. Integrity. Wellness. Collaboration.” These are the core values which provide the foundation upon which we base our day-to-day operations and guide our goals for the future.


The Future

Moving forward Michael would like to change the landscape and language used to describe mental health universally. ”We recognize the complexity of life in current society and the stress under which many people live. I believe everyone possesses the potential for living a more satisfying life. By providing a higher level of care and service for our patients we can restore lives and be responsive to our communities. No one should suffer the cultural stigma for seeking mental health services in today’s society, instead they should be proud of it.”


It's Our 10th Anniversary !

Omni completes 10 golorious years of mental health services to the community. From its modest beginning, OMNI has grown to 10 clinics and is continuing to grow. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication of team OMNI in achieving this. It has indeed been a tremendous journey. If you would like to know more about our journey click here