BHRS/Wraparound Services

Dedicated Towards Making a Positive Difference

BHRS/Wraparound Services: Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) is a short-term, intensive program for children from birth to age 21 to meet mental and behavioral health concerns.


The philosophy of BHRS services is to 'wrap around' the child with care and behavioral support in the environment where support is needed. To achieve that goal, OMNI provides services in the home, school or daycare—wherever the child encounters challenges that need to be addressed. A team of professionals, specializing in working with children and teens will work with your family to develop a detailed treatment plan to address problem behaviors and nurture the natural skills and abilities of your child.

The following services can be provided depending on need and medical necessity:

All individuals receive a preliminary assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment and referral as applicable. Our offices also provide weekend and evening appointments.