Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)

The core philosophy of IBHS services revolves around providing comprehensive care and behavioral support for the child in their natural environment. OMNI believes in a ‘wrap-around’ approach, ensuring that support is offered wherever the child faces challenges. This includes services delivered in the home, school, or daycare, tailoring the intervention to the specific needs of the child. 

A dedicated team of professionals, specialized in working with children and teenagers, collaborates with your family to create a detailed treatment plan. This plan aims to address any problem behaviors while nurturing and developing the child’s natural skills and abilities. Through this holistic approach, we strive to promote the well-being and progress of your child in the most supportive and familiar settings. 

The following services can be provided depending on need and medical necessity: 

  • Psychological Evaluation: this determines the medical necessity and need for specialized and individual services. 
  • Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC): Experienced, trained and expert Psychologist or Master’s level Clinician will create the treatment plan with the family and team engagement and consult with all parties involved. The BSC will supervise the process to ensure that everyone involved follows the specific treatment plan to promote individualized behavior modification and success. 
  • Mobile Therapist (MT): A Mobile Therapist provides therapy while following the treatment plan to work on strengths and needs in the setting that best pairs with the individual served. 
  • Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS): A TSS will work more closely to help support use of skills and tools in order to modify behavior for a specified amount of hours on a daily basis. This service can occur in the school or home based on where the behaviors are occurring. 

All individuals receive a preliminary assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment and referral as applicable. Our offices also provide weekend and evening appointments.