Peer Support Services Program

Peer specialists at OMNI undergo training to effectively model recovery, impart valuable skills, and provide support to individuals facing mental health challenges, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives within the community. These specialists play a crucial role in promoting recovery and resilience among individuals. 

With their expertise, Peer specialists assist individuals in establishing meaningful social connections, accessing education and employment support, and navigating the system to enhance their chances of success. They supplement existing treatment methods by offering additional avenues for growth and support. Through their dedication and understanding, Peer specialists contribute significantly to the well-being and progress of those they serve at OMNI. 

This program includes presentations, discussions, and interactive services. Everything is confidential and is separate from conventional psychiatric or therapy services. 

Services include:

  • Housing 
  • Mentoring 
  • Goal-setting 
  • Skill-building 
  • Group facilitation 
  • Skill-building 
  • Group facilitation 
  • Work Training and Placement 
  • Links to community resources 
  • Other recovery-oriented supports per individual plan of care 

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