Success Stories

Making a positive difference

For over fifteen years, OMNI Health Services Inc. has remained steadfast in its commitment to caring for thousands of individuals, enhancing their mental health, and providing valuable community service. Our dedicated counselors and therapists have effectively assisted numerous patients, and it fills us with immense pride to receive positive feedback from those whose lives have been positively impacted by OMNI services. Here are some of the heartening outcomes shared by our clients. These success stories reinforce our passion for making a difference and drive us to continue our mission of delivering exceptional care to those we serve. 

Our Philosophy 

At OMHSI, we firmly embrace the belief that every single member has the power to create a meaningful impact on the lives of patients, the overall well-being of the community, and the course of healthcare service delivery. 

We Change Lives

“Seriously, Deadra changed my life. Most definitely for the better. I may not be here if it wasn’t for the care and compassion that they have provided. Learned a lot and am continuing to learn. Highly recommended!!”

~ Anonymous

“This is the best place I’ve been to, they take the time, to make sure you’re okay, they find ways to help u thru ur heartbreaks and anxiety, listen very carefully, but the best part is for that hour, you are there priority, they care, I have but good things to say that’s just me ,love my therapist, Renee, and I must put in Shawna, I don’t know what I would do without their services, hope I gain wisdom, and understanding, I know I will never be 100% but it would be harder without the help from them so thank you so very much omni”

~ Anonymous

We Listen

We Care

“Omni has the most caring, respectful, helpful, nonjudgmental and professional staff. My son’s therapist has helped me help my Son’s. She has made a positive difference in our lives in a short time. After my son’s individual session with Sam yesterday my son was able to verbalize his thoughts and feelings a skill Sam is teaching him. Sam deserves special recognition for being an expert in the field with a caring heart.”

~ Anonymous

“I also appreciate the friendly reminder calls from Heather (the receptionist.) Heather takes time to answer questions and like Sam is very pleasant. Omni has the best staff!!! I highly recommend Omni Health Services.”

~ Anonymous

We Go the Extra Mile